International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard (IREDES)


“The International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard (IREDES) makes mining equipment and underground worksite computers talk to central IT systems. Within a real-time process optimized mining environment, IREDES thereby conforms the standardized electronic language used by all the computers to talk to each other. The standard is easy to integrate, efficient and logic (sic) as it bases on predefined XML schemas widely used throughout the Internet. Profiles for electronic work plans and production reports are in use for drill rigs, LHD’s, trucks, explosives chargers and shotcreting machines as well as for tracking. Currently, the standard is extended to cover work orders and messaging as well as maintenance information” (source:

They also offer consulting services in implementation of the standard for machines and IT systems, compliance testing, and short courses.

How this project enables interoperability:

“IREDES enables the easy integration of the heterogeneous world of automation, mobile machines, ventilation and any other information in order to allow an efficient real-time management and optimization of the ongoing production process. IREDES enables this integration without spending large amounts for development of individual interface.” (source:


See a summary of what has been completed and what is ongoing here:

IREDES is also creating a companion specification for OPC-UA through collaboration with the VDMA.

Accessibility model: The standard documents are open to the public. They are accessible free of charge for any IREDES member. Non-members can purchase the documents from the IREDES office.