Interop Roadmap for Mining 4.0 Digitalization

Scope and Description:

This project aims to build a Roadmap of Strategic Innovations for Mining 4.0 in Chile as part of the strategy to adopt a sustainable development model for the country.

Role of interoperability in the project:

A roadmap turns out to be an industry consensus and, as expected, one result of this roadmap is the need for standards that allow information systems to collaborate with each other (i.e., interoperability standards). In enabling nucleus “Digitalization”, it is explicitly stated that the industry needs this effort on the part of the suppliers. It aims to enable value chain integration.


Interoperability is defined as the ability of information and communication technology (ICT) systems, operational technology (OT) systems, and the business processes that support it to exchange data and transfer control. This in turn provides the ability for systems and organizations to work together seamlessly (inter-operate).


The roadmap 4.0 is a navigation map representing industry consensus, but companies must adapt it to their own reality. Suppliers and mining companies have different processes and goals, for example, some prefer sustainability, others digital integration. There’s a need to work with each company and each supplier to create a roadmap for them. At Fundación Chile and Interop, we invite companies to include us in their roadmaps. We have a tool to set their level of digital maturity and interoperability, so we can build a small roadmap with specific challenges.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Mining companies
  • OEM
  • OTM
  • Innovation and development organizations

Partnerships: Consejo Minero, Corporación Alta Ley y Fundación Chile

Status: Released July 22, 2020

Accessibility Model: Open (