ISO Collision Awareness and Avoidance (ISO/DIS 21815)

Scope and Description:

This International Standard specifies general requirements and describes methods for evaluating and testing the performance of the object collision awareness and avoidance system which supports operators safely operating earth-moving machines by detecting approaching objects, indicating, warning and, if appropriate, taking preventive action to avoid collision or to mitigate collisional damage.

How this project can be used to enable interoperability in mining:

This standard specifies interface and interaction between the onboard mobile mining equipment collision awareness and detection system and the mobile equipment control system for collision avoidance. This standard covers data and control interoperability and aims to provide the ability of independent collision detection systems to interface with onboard control systems to initiate and take collision avoidance action.


Mine operators, safety personnel

Standard Number: ISO/DIS 21815

Intended outcome: Documented international standard

Accessibility model: Purchase

Status: Ongoing

Timeline:  Publication planned for 2021

Draft international standard available for purchase here:


See also: EMESRT, ACARP, and ICMM initiatives, which feed into this one.