ISO Reference Architecture and Framework for Advanced Mining Automation and Autonomy (Joint ISO/TC 82/SC 8 – ISO/TC 127/SC 3 WG)

Scope and Description:

This initiative develops a conceptual model and reference architecture to describe the requirements for interoperability of mining systems. This project provides a logical reference and description of the interoperability of mining systems. The scope of this project is still in the definition stage.

How this project can be used to enable interoperability in mining:

This project aims to serve as a starting point for describing interoperability between systems. This standard is being developed because there is currently no picture of the systems in mining and the interoperability between them. The industry needs a common reference in order to develop the interoperability components.


Mine operators, OEMs, OTMs, research, education

Working Group:

Joint ISO/TC 82/SC 8 – ISO/TC 127/SC 3 WG

Intended outcome: Documented international standard

Accessibility model: Purchase

Status: Ongoing

Timeline:  2019-2024

ISO TC82/SC8 information is available here: