ISO Remote stop function for mining equipment (Joint ISO/TC 82/SC 8 – ISO/TC 127/SC 2 WG)

Scope and Description:

This standard is to provide the information required to allow the implementation of a single common stop function for autonomous machines, that can be provided by all manufacturers for all types of mobile autonomous mining machine, and that can be used by workers in the AOZ (Autonomous Operating Zone) to remotely stop autonomous machines.

How this project can be used to enable interoperability in mining:

The standard aims to provide functionality for a single remote stop device to interact with any autonomous vehicle so that the vehicle will execute a stop sequence when a command is received from the remote stop device. The standard covers data and communication aspects of interoperability and aims to prevent people in the operating zone from having to carry multiple vendor-specific remote stop devices and eliminate the time required to determine which stop device to use in an unsafe situation.

Intended outcome: Documented international standard

Accessibility model: Purchase

Status: Ongoing

Timeline:  2019-2024

ISO TC82/SC8 information is available here: