ISO Secure High-Speed Mobile Data Communication (Joint ISO/TC 127/SC 3 – ISO/TC 82/SC 8 WG)

Scope and Description:

This series of standards will define the requirements of a communication protocol that enables secure, high-speed, and high-bandwidth communication between state-of-the-art systems and emerging technologies (e.g., collision awareness and avoidance, obstacle detection, birds-eye-view, autonomous and semi-autonomous components). General standards for mobile mining equipment onboard secure high-speed data communications.

How this project can be used to enable interoperability in mining:

This project aims to provide communications infrastructure interoperability between and onboard mobile mining equipment. Existing networks and protocols in use on earth-moving machinery (EMM) today are incapable of supporting the speed, bandwidth, and security needs that this protocol will address. As it relates to EMM, this standard will enable future innovations in machine-learning, artificial intelligence, and object identification. It will also support ongoing work on ISO 17757 (Earth-moving machinery and mining – Autonomous and semi-autonomous machine system safety) and ISO/AWI 21815 (Earth-moving machinery – Collision awareness and avoidance). This standard will also facilitate the use of on-highway standards and infrastructure.


Mine operators, OEMs, OTMs, regulators 

Working Group:

Joint ISO/TC 127/SC 3 – ISO/TC 82/SC 8 WG

Intended outcome: Documented international standard

Accessibility model: Purchase

Status: Ongoing

Timeline:  2019-2024

ISO TC82/SC8 information is available here: