GMG Mobile Equipment Open Data Consensus – Published Guideline

Scope and Description
The scope is to identify and develop guidelines to create a common vision for the seamless access and use of mobile equipment data across the mine cycle, including both open pit and underground, for the purpose of increasing operational efficiencies. The scope also includes identifying an initial list of the open data elements for onboard mobile mining equipment. Autonomous systems are not considered within the scope of this guideline. The initial guideline is not intended to be complete or cover all equipment types and use cases for mining equipment data.

How this project can be used to enable interoperability in mining
Data sharing is an interoperability enabler. This guideline provides a common reference for industry stakeholders to use to understand what data should be open and how to describe it.


While interoperability is not defined specifically in this guideline, real-time access to and use of mobile equipment data would be considered the scope of interoperability in the project and it aims to solve the challenge of defining requirements for data collection and storage.

Key Stakeholders
Mining Companies

Published: 2016
Accessibility Model: Open, available here: