NIOSH Characterization of Haul Truck Health and Safety Issues

Project Description and Scope:

The objective of this project is to inform future health and safety research related to powered haulage by identifying and characterizing health and safety issues related to haul trucks through a systematic evaluation of accidents, operators’ needs, and technology maturity.

This project is looking to identify specific interoperability problems that are contributing to or creating health and safety issues related to haul truck operation (e.g., data dead ends). This project is looking specifically at data and hardware interoperability related to haul truck operation, maintenance, and planning (e.g., including road conditions). This project aims to define and identify the key problems. It applies to all stages of the mine cycle that include haul trucks.

Intended Outcome:

The intended outcome is to help develop a roadmap for future research and develop procurement support guidance for mine operators related to what to look for in systems and implementation gaps to improve interoperability among other concern related to haul truck health and safety.

The key outcomes are the identification of research, training, and technology gaps.

Interoperability Definition:

Communication and compatibility in information transfer as well as equipment usage.


Mine operators, equipment manufacturers, safety professional, researchers

Status: Ongoing. This project is expected to be completed by 9/30/2021. Publications are being developed throughout the project, such as a preliminary roadmap, peer-review articles, and trade publications. Learn more:

Accessibility Model: Open