SIP-STRIM Digital Driver support for interaction between vehicles in mining environments


“Design, implement and evaluate a concept for a digital driver support system that has potential to significantly improve efficiency and safety for underground transports. The project will contribute to improved production efficiency and working environment in today’s mines. The developed solution will also consider a future mining environment, in which manual vehicles will coexist with automated and remotely controlled vehicles.”

“The project is divided into three work packages (Project coordination, Interaction design and System integration and evaluation). Initially, an interaction design concept for a digital driver support system is developed. The concept is then integrated with a positioning system for underground use. After that, the concept will be evaluated in a usability test. The test will be carried out with end-users in a mining environment”

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How it will advance interoperability in mining:

Enabling interoperability in mixed autonomous, automated, and remote-controlled fleets.


Completed (04/19 – 10/19)

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