SMIG Integrated smart testbeds for the mining industry


Phase 1 – “The project is being implemented to meet the needs of the mining industry in a test bed where systems of systems, systems and functions are being investigated towards a fully automated mining operation. The project works to fulfill this purpose, but has not yet achieved the full purpose, after step 1. However, important basic structures are developed as well as some use cases that will serve to test these structures. An analysis report containing a zero status analysis with mapping of existing projects and initiatives is developed” (source:

Phase 2 – Testing use cases in the environment defined in Phase 1 (see—phase-2-year-1/).


“The result after step 1 of the SMIG project is a detailed description of the type of platform including all substructures that need to be developed as well as a number of usage cases that will serve as pilot tests of an upcoming platform” (source:

How it will help advance interoperability:

This testing environment will help demonstrate how systems and systems of systems can be integrated. A clear picture and use case examples will help to enable interoperability between autonomous systems in mining environments.


  • Phase 1 completed (06/17 – 10/18)
  • Phase 2 Year one completed (11/18 – 10/19); plans for years 2 and 3 defined.

Accessibility model: Through partnerships

SMIG website: