GMG Time Classification Framework for Mobile Equipment in Surface Mining

Scope and Description

This guideline offers recommendations for the consistent classification of surface mining operational activities, statuses, and events into standard time categories and provides a Time Usage Model, which is a visual representation of this framework. The guideline also includes recommended definitions for common industry operational key performance indicators (KPIs) for reporting asset availability and utilization.

How this project can be used to enable interoperability in mining

For the mining industry to achieve digitalization, interoperability, and system integration, it is important for it to establish consistent terminology and data. By providing a consistent classification and definition of time categories, a common time usage model, and common KPIs, this framework is a tool that can enable data sharing across different platforms and systems.

Key Stakeholders

Mining companies are a primary stakeholder, but technology providers (e.g., FMS providers) are a secondary one.

Accessibility Model: Open, read it here

Status: Published in 2020.