Introducing Global Mining Guidelines Group: We’ve dropped the “S”!

We are excited to announce our name has evolved! Introducing the new Global Mining Guidelines Group – or as our friends know us, GMG – it’s direct, clear, and an easy 3 letters to remember!

Bye-bye “S”

After 6 years of a misleading name, Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group is dropping the “S”. While we will continue to collaborate with Standards organizations, we do not, and have never, developed standards.

It’s Global!

Along with the name comes a new look of course.  Our new logo reflects our global community with 7 dots representing the continents.

Innovation through Collaboration

Our tagline, Innovation through Collaboration, defines the GMG value.  Through collaboration we will drive innovation and ultimately enhance the safety, innovation, operational excellence and sustainability of the global mining community.

Hot Off the Press!

Read our most recent Corporate Member Report to learn more about the work being done and the people who are doing it. Three new projects are being launched, and extensive work is being carried out on projects already under way.  We anticipate publishing no less than 9 guidelines by year’s end alone!  With outcomes such as these, it is time our name accurately reflects our purpose.

Welcome to GMG

While our name and appearance may have changed, our dedication to open collaboration for a safer, more sustainable mining environment remains the same.  So, pull up a chair, join the Group and let your voice be heard!

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