GMG landscapes look into the collaborative work that is going on around the world to address the industry’s burning issues. They aim to prevent duplication of effort, identify gaps that GMG can help fill and provide visibility to what is out there so that our community can benefit from it.

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One of the challenges with interoperability in mining is that it is difficult to understand what is out there to help advance the industry. This landscape aims to increase the industry’s visibility of what different organizations are doing on interoperability in order to enable collaboration among organizations and accelerate the progress of ongoing efforts. This initial iteration covers organizations with ongoing or completed interoperability initiatives, solutions, tools, and projects. This landscape is a live database based on input received by GMG and is not exhaustive. The outreach, feedback, and information gathering process will be ongoing, and GMG encourages the community to identify any missing pieces to the landscape, if there are any relationships between projects that should be mentioned or to highlight any particularly useful work by filling out the form on the webpage. Click here for more. 


Tailings management is a top concern for the industry in terms of safety and environmental sustainability. This 2019 study of approximately 30 guidance documents, project initiatives and standards from around the world was undertaken by GMG and Cambrian College. It offers an understanding of existing practices and initiatives covering mine tailings throughout the global mining industry. Click here for more. 


Based on GMG’s Mining Response to COVID-19: Achieving the Impossible through Collaboration report, we have identified common challenges and issues to be addressed throughout the industry. Therefore, GMG has developed a portal for best practices, strategies, resources, and solutions related to COVID-19 response and re-opening guidance that aims to enable businesses to successfully run safe, resilient, and secure operations. Note that this portal differs from typical landscapes as it covers the work of individual companies. Click here for more.