Leadership Summit Series 2020 Discussion Outcomes

Published: June 26,2020

The 2020 GMG Leadership Summit Series is focussing on how the mining industry can learn from the experience of the global crisis and to build from the innovative thinking that has come out of it.

Leadership and Collaborator members identified key learnings and priorities and priorities in the first two sessions on “Achieving the Impossible” (June 10) and “Rocking the Re-Opening” (June 18). The short-term goals have emerged from these discussions, with relevant focus areas and ideas.

Click below to view the full short term goals.

During the third session on “Defining the New Normal,” GMG Leadership and Collaborator members looked at the possibilities of what tomorrow’s mine sites will look like in a post-pandemic world, identifying six key goals, what achieving them would look like, and addressing potential roadblocks.

Click below to view the full long term goals.

During the final session on “Strategizing for Success,” participants will work on developing the tangible strategies for how collaboration can help the industry achieve these goals and overcome these roadblocks, placing them on a timeline.

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