Liv Carroll: Mining Reimagined in a Millennial Age


The mining industry is going through a significant transformation; this is largely as a result of developments in technology changing the way in which we can work and the demographic of the workforce also changing, with intelligence being sourced from both human and machine.  Many traditional roles are morphing to include previously inaccessible data and insights, and there is enormous potential to impact productivity and sustainability when we work as an ecosystem and bridge the established discipline silos. The opportunity is clear; the most effective approach to ensure the workforce can, and do, adjust and ensure speed to value is less well defined. This presentation will introduce you to the drivers of change; the potential of key technologies, including integrated platforms and artificial intelligence, to enable data-driven, value-based decision making; and how you develop a strategy for effective implementation.


Liv is a Senior Principal with Accenture’s Global Mining Practice focused on Transformation in Mining and Analytics. Liv works with clients to understand where the opportunities are for locked and lost value along the mining value chain through creation, adoption and strengthening of innovation and sustainability strategy with supporting digital initiatives. As a Chartered Geologist with 17 years consulting in the mining industry and supported by a Masters in Mineral Project Appraisal from Imperial College and a BSc (Hons) in Geology from Durham University, Liv works alongside C-suite, corporate functions, operational teams and ecosystem partners with a cross-discipline approach, engaging the workforce from the outset to improve productivity, empower people at all levels to adapt to change and develop new skills, and strengthen the competitive advantage of the business. Having previously undertaken technical and advisory roles with technical consultancies to listed and private mineral explorers and operators, as well as investment groups for due diligence, corporate strategy development and project portfolio management, Liv has a broad understanding of the extractive industries. Liv is an active member of GMG and is one of the leads in the development of the Short Interval Control Guideline. She is also a Committee Member of PERC (Pan European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee); convenor of the London Mining Sundowner, the UK’s largest mining industry monthly networking event; former Trustee, Council Member and Professional Secretary of the Geological Society; and an active scrutineer for Chartership. Named one of 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining 2013 & 2016, and one of the Top 50 Women in Engineering 2016, a Telegraph initiative joint with the Women’s Engineering Society.

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