Mats Johansson: The SMIG Project – For an Integrated Smart Test Environment for the Mining Industry


Swedish mines are highly productive due to technological leadership developed in relationships with Swedish world leaders in mining technology, communication networks and control systems. The Swedish mining industry has a clear vision of the “fully automated mining operation.” To reach that vision, new innovations based on digitalization, IT, robotics and automation technologies are needed and will contribute to safer mines, lower emissions and higher efficiency. In the SMIG project, mining operations with high maturity regarding innovative technologies, world-leading equipment and system suppliers, specialized subject matter experts, and universities come together to develop a test environment where systems of systems, technologies and functions are tested. Issues related to organization, technical integration and system technology will be addressed and several pilot tests will be performed. The test environment will support the testing of solutions with contribution from several actors.


Mats B Johansson, project manager of SMIG, educated in Luleå University of Technology between 1979 and 1984 at the Master Programme of Mechanical engineering – Industrial Electronics. Since 1984, he has been engaged in developing computer-aided command and control systems in the military application field as well as civilian applications such as railway control and hydrographic survey systems. Mats has been a pioneer in applying the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach in Swedish Armed Forces Network Enabled Capability development projects since 2000. He has also been involved in managing different cooperative projects involving many European nations in the field of Maritime Surveillance. Mats has been employed in different subsidiaries to the Ericsson telecom business Concern for more than 10 years and is, since 2000, an independent consultant in project management and SOA. Some of his roles include software developer, system architect, sales manager, department manager, quality manager and project manager. He was the Project manager for the recently successfully completed project Arrowhead –

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