Member Company Profile: Hatch





Hatch is a global multidisciplinary management, engineering and development consultancy that spans six continents. Mining, advisory, digital innovation and technology innovation are four of their main business areas, and they have worked with some of the world’s largest mining companies. Hatch is a GMG Leadership Member that brings valuable expertise not only from the mining industry but also from parallel industries.

“We are committed to making a positive change in the world, and mining is essential to nearly every aspect of our lives and our economy,” says Jeanne Els, Digital Director. When asked to describe how industry collaboration aligns with Hatch’s company values, she explains, “We recognize that in order for mining to achieve better outcomes, it needs to innovate and develop better ideas.” This innovation requires “a diversity of thoughts through collaboration with other industry leaders and partners.” GMG, she adds, “provides a great framework for solving key mining industry challenges.”

Hatch and GMG values also align when it comes to embracing a more open future of mining. Alvaro Rozo – Global Director, Smart Industries – explains: “As an engineering firm, we use different software packages to help engineer and design the mines of the future. We also help our clients improve their decision making and better support their operations.” Elaborating, Rozo says, “this improvement will require breaking integration silos between mining and engineering functions or beyond areas like Mine to Mill or Mine to Port. This type of integration can only be achieved by unlocking, releasing or democratizing the data.”

Because of this shared vision for democratized data, Hatch hosted the successful Open Mining Format (OMF) workshop in Toronto on February 28-March 1.

“The OMF addresses a key issue in mining: the lack of standards that can streamline mining geology and engineering processes,” says Rozo. “Standards can improve the interoperability and integration of different software packages through the use of an open data exchange format.”