Member Profile: Alvaro Rozo, Hatch

Members like Hatch’s Alvaro Rozo bring valuable perspectives and industry knowledge to GMSG and the collective advancement of the global mining industry. Read more about how he connects with peers, clients and partners through GMSG.


Alvaro Rozo, Global Director, Smart Industries, Hatch, became involved with GMSG in 2017 because he wanted to contribute to the transformation of mining “to improve productivity, make it more attractive to the market and new generations, and elevate its reputation by improving its impact on climate change and social responsibility.” Rozo is a member of GMSG’s Leadership Council and has written several blogs about the necessity of GMSG to the mining industry.

Rozo believes in focusing on high-priority, current and emerging issues. “GMSG is tackling some of the critical areas that are lacking in mining,” he says. “The need for more open standards and guidelines drive better integration, collaboration and innovation.”

Rozo continues: “At GMSG, we are looking for the participation of individuals and companies who have a passion for mining and problem solving, and are willing to dedicate their time, to lead, coordinate, contribute or review guidelines. The effort is very rewarding, because it also allows the development of empathy and a connection with your peers, clients and partners.”

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