MM-ISAC Secure Deployment of Autonomous Haulage Systems

Published: December 09,2022



This case study covers autonomous haulage systems and the security measures and risks associated with their deployment. Although these systems improve personnel safety and operational efficiencies there are cybersecurity challenges because all operational assets in the mine are connected.

Autonomous haulage system security needs to be designed alongside its implementation because of the evolving threat landscapes and cybersecurity attacks. Key risk management concepts for securing these systems effectively include:
• Establishing impact: Operational technology (OT) dependencies and loss
• Vulnerabilities: Exposure and attack pathways
• Threats: Threat modelling
• Assessing Risk: Likelihood (frequency)
• Risk Treatment: Accept or mitigate and apply controls

The MM-SIAC Working Group has created a risk assessment process that covers autonomous haulage
system controls. Some of these controls include:
• OT and information technology (IT) integration
• Third-party/original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
• Access and authorization
• Wireless
• Vulnerability management and endpoint protection

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