Mobile Equipment Open Data Guideline

December 2016: The Data Access and Usage (DAU) Working Group has begun the process of developing a second version of the Mobile Equipment Open Data guideline. Created as a consensus between OEMs and Operators, the guideline clearly defines what equipment and on- and off-board data sets are open to operators. With an easier access to information, operators and OEMs can work together better solve equipment and operation issues. There are a number of equipment and data sets left closed or not included in the first version of the guideline, which will be addressed in the second. A number of meetings between OEMs and Operators, facilitated by the DAU Working Group will take place to reach a consensus on the remaining items. The group is planning a workshop in early 2017.

April 2016: Following its review process, the Mobile Equipment Open Data Guideline was approved for publication.

Targeting publication for January 2016, the “Mobile Equipment Open Data Guideline” is now in the review process (ending November 20th, 2015). The guideline, which is an industry consensus of what data groups should be made available and open to the equipment owners and why, looks to be the foundation for the evolving relationship between operators and OEMs moving forward. Widespread industry support and participation is requested to read, give feedback and offer suggestions for further improvement.