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New Report: Interoperability Definition and Guiding Principles for the Mining Industry

Published: August 27,2021

GMG has published the Interoperability Definition and Guiding Principles for the Mining Industry report. This report describes a high-level foundation and reference on interoperability in mining based on input that GMG has received from industry participants over four years. It aims to provide broad context on interoperability and its benefits in order to accommodate a global landscape with varied maturity and regulatory frameworks. By sharing industry input on the drivers and context around interoperability in mining and identifying an aligned industry definition, and set of guiding principles, this report is intended to be a foundation and reference for more focused initiatives and is for informational purposes only.

Because interoperability is a broad and complex topic and industry priorities and efforts around it are evolving, this report is intended to share the outcomes of a range of input and areas of agreement from GMG participants during cycles of engagement over the past four years. Some aspects of it may not represent an enduring agreement. The recently merged GMG Interoperability and Data Access and Usage working group will prioritize future efforts.Please note that GMG reports are outcomes of outreach, industry research, and events can be presented in reports and can inform and be used as a reference for future work, but they are not intended to provide industry guidance.

Read it here.

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