• Have your say on the GMG AI Working Group’s strategy

    GMG is looking to define AI priorities and understand AI capacity in the industry. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group Steering Committee will use your responses to support its strategy’s development and better understand industry needs and priorities in this space, so that we can…

  • Publication: Artificial Intelligence Case Study: Monitoring the Heartbeat of Mining and Metals Production

    December 15, 2021  The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) has published the Monitoring the Heartbeat of Mining and Metals Production artificial intelligence case study, submitted by Endress+Hauser. Kanmantoo Copper Mine, owned by Hillgrove Resources in South Australia, used smart sensor technology to increase production potential by raising ROM bin capacities…

  • Artificial Intelligence Forum Workshop Outcomes

    At the GMG Artificial Intelligence virtual forum, participants responded to questions regarding building the business case, as well as building, validating, and deploying AI models, looking through the specific lens of mining operations. These outcomes will be sent to the GMG artificial intelligence working group…

  • Cybersecurity Virtual Forum Workshop Outcomes

    At the GMG Cybersecurity Virtual Forum, participants responded to questions regarding what cyber resiliency looks like in the new normal and what challenges need to be addressed. With hybrid work environments, use of equipment off-site, and newly set up remote operations, cybersecurity is more important…

  • The AI Horizon: Defining Mining Industry Priorities Workshop #2 Outcomes

    At the second AI Horizon: Defining Mining Industry Priorities workshop, participants expanded upon the priorities from the first workshop and identified which initiatives were the top priorities. Also identified were next steps for realizing these initiatives. Click below to view the workshop outcomes.

  • The AI Horizon: Defining Mining Industry Priorities Workshop Outcomes

    Outcomes from the AI Horizon: Defining Mining Industry Priorities workshop highlight what the most important immediate actions and long-term goals are for AI. Click below to view the workshop outcomes.

  • GMG in the news: GMG Chair Michelle Ash talks mining’s dream of the future

    GMG Chair Michelle Ash was featured in Australia’s Mining Monthly, speaking to how mining’s future of fully integrated operations starting with strong understanding of the orebody and running right through the value chain may be a lot closer than some think

  • GMG in the news: Digitalisation in mines – The future of connectivity in the mining industry

    GMG guidelines were recently referred to in Mining-Technology.com’s recent article as a useful resource for mining companies like Normet to learn about and adopt best practices in underground communication and data transfer. Read the full article here: https://www.mining-technology.com/future-of-mining/digitalisation-in-mines-the-future-of-connectivity-in-the-mining-industry GMG guidelines are peer-reviewed documents that offer best…

  • Artificial intelligence in mining

    Foundations of AI: A Framework for AI in Mining published

    GMG has published Foundations of AI: A Framework for AI in Mining – a white paper that offers an overview of the process of planning for and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for mining companies. AI-based innovation is being used increasingly in the mining industry…

  • How are AI, machine learning, big data, deep learning and data science interconnected?

    The Foundations for AI in Mining paper, now being edited for publication, devotes an early section to “the big picture” and defines overlapping AI-related terminology. These are visualized here:   The terminology associated with AI is often a challenge because there are several frequently-used terms…

  • AI in Mining panel: Lessons learned on readiness, change management and strategies

    A group of experts representing both mining companies and technology suppliers discussed practical approaches to AI in mining on a panel at the GMG-CIM AI in Mining Forum on May 1 in Montreal. The panellists: Michel Plourde, Director Integrated Operations – Innovation & Technology…

  • Element AI’s Karthik Ramakrishnan: Connecting to the strategic big picture with AI

    Karthik Ramakrishnan specializes in helping organizations to achieve their AI ambitions. In his presentation at the upcoming GMG-CIM AI in Mining Forum, he will help mining stakeholders to take a broad view of AI, both in terms of the ways it benefits other industries and the ways it could, in turn, benefit the mining industry…

  • Giro's Charles Fleurent

    GIRO’s Charles Fleurent on how a transport perspective could help the mining industry to move ahead

    By Chantal Hortop Charles Fleurent, Senior Director­ – Optimization Algorithms at GIRO, will be giving a presentation on software tools for transit scheduling and optimization at the upcoming GMG-CIM AI in Mining Forum in Montreal. While at first glance public transit and the mining industry…

  • GMG CIM Montreal Forum Speaker Julian Lim Micromine

    Q&A with Julian Lim of Micromine, GMG-CIM AI in Mining Montreal Forum Speaker

    Julian Lim – Product Owner and Technical Product Manager for the Pitram Mine Control and Fleet Management Solution at Micromine – will speak at the GMG-CIM AI in Mining Forum on May 1 in Montreal. His presentation is entitled Automating Load-Haul-Dump Cycle Data Capture with Machine Vision and Deep Neural Networks. We asked him a few questions about his presentation and his work.

  • Artificial Intelligence Working Group announces new co-leader

    GMG’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group, launched last November, now has two leaders. The group announced last week that Mohammad Babaei, Digital Mining Innovation Lead in Digital Operations at Teck, has come onboard as a co-leader. He joins Mark O’Brien, Manager, Digital Transformation at CITIC Pacific Mining­, who has been leading the group so far […]

  • Launch of Artificial Intelligence Working Group

    Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is launching a new Artificial Intelligence Working Group to help demystify AI and enable the mining industry to harness its many valuable applications. GMG’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group will launch November 8 with a workshop hosted by IBM in…

  • The relevance and impact of AI in mining

    Artificial intelligence will be a hot topic at the upcoming GMG-CIM Edmonton Forum on October 2-3. It was also the focus of a lively panel discussion at the GMG Sudbury Forum last June.