• GMG in the news: Rokion battery-powered vehicles hit new depths at Vale Creighton

    GMG’s recommended best practices for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in underground mining were referred to in International Mining’s recent article as a useful resource for developing standardized system for Vale’s Creighton nickel mine, which aims to lower operating costs and improve environmental conditions for its personnel….

  • Boliden Aitik Electric Trolley

    Global drive to the electric mine

    The mining industry is searching for solutions to the same challenge that many other industries are facing right now: how to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. While the industry has seen some great progress in eliminating diesel from underground mines, there are still many challenges surrounding the electrification of vehicle fleets at surface mines…

  • Updates from the GMG Electric Mine Working Group  

    The GMG Electric Mine Working Group, launched last Fall, is gearing up to launch its first projects. A project on electric equipment tracking would capture key learnings and KPIs and enable the development of case studies. The output would be a platform that takes a…

  • GMG launches two working groups on cybersecurity and the electric mine

    The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) has just launched two new working groups on cybersecurity and the electric mine to create safe and sustainable mines of the future. Cybersecurity Working Group The Cybersecurity Working Group aims to help mining stakeholders as they look to design safe,…