• Talking transformation with Accenture’s Liv Carroll

    Liv Carroll, Senior Principal with Accenture’s Global Mining Practice focused on Transformation in Mining and Analytics, is a geologist who has spent 17 years in consulting and due diligence, taking on various roles in many mining contexts. She has witnessed how technology has transformed how…

  • GMG launches newsletter

    We are excited to announce the launch of our e-newsletter, coming to your mailbox this week! Readers can expect interviews with industry leaders, case studies, use cases, information on guidelines, projects, and events.

  • GMG Corporate Member Report – Dec 2018

    What a great last few months at GMG, hosting events and meeting new people on 3 different continents and launching new projects. We also just published version 2 of our BEVs guideline and are excited about the 6 others we will publish by May. Read…

  • Discussing blockchain technology in mining

    Blockchain technology was the topic of an informative panel discussion at the GMG Leadership Summit in Perth in November. Initially developed to record cryptocurrency transactions, blockchains are data systems consisting of individual digital records that are securely encrypted. By design, blockchains resist data modification making them a valuable tool for maintaining transparent, auditable and immutable records to a variety of ends…

  • Launch of Artificial Intelligence Working Group

    Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is launching a new Artificial Intelligence Working Group to help demystify AI and enable the mining industry to harness its many valuable applications. GMG’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group will launch November 8 with a workshop hosted by IBM in…

  • New Functional Safety for Autonomous Mining Project

    Global Mining Guidelines Group’s (GMG) Autonomous Mining Working Group is creating a new guideline to clarify functional safety requirements for autonomous equipment. The mining industry is embracing automation, but mobile automation technologies are still in the early stages of technology development. As a result, there…

  • Publication: Guideline for the Recommended Practices for Battery Electric Vehicles in the Underground, V.2

    The much-awaited second edition of the Recommended Practices for Battery Electric Vehicles in the Underground guideline is here. GMG, in partnership with Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC), has published the much-awaited second version of their Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) guideline. The BEVs Guideline aims to…

  • Open Mining Format survey results are in

    In August, GMG’s Data Access and Usage Working Group conducted a survey to better understand the industry’s pain points and needs in regards to data transfer. GMG’s Open Mining Format is an open-source file interchange format that was developed to enable seamless and reliable transfer…

  • GMG Corporate Member Report – Sept. 2018

    It might have been a sunny and warm summer but that didn’t slow us down. We hosted events, made significant progress on many of our projects, are still on target to publish guidelines by year end and have been busy planning our fall Forums and…

  • The relevance and impact of AI in mining

    Artificial intelligence will be a hot topic at the upcoming GMG-CIM Edmonton Forum on October 2-3. It was also the focus of a lively panel discussion at the GMG Sudbury Forum last June.

  • GMG Battery Electric Vehicles Guideline V2 Final Review

    Final reviews of Version 2 of the GMG Battery Electric Vehicles Guideline are underway. Find out what’s new in this version here. Want to participate in the review? Email here.

  • Underground innovation, autonomous mining and interoperability at GMG’s Future Mining Forum in Sudbury

    Underground innovation, autonomous mining and interoperability were the focus of GMG’s Future Mining Forum in Sudbury last June. With more than 160 participants, the event was a success by all accounts.

  • Luleå Forum postponed

    The second installment of this year’s GMG Future Mining Forum series scheduled to be held in Sweden on September 5 & 6 is being postponed. Stay tuned to GMG as a new date will be announced in the coming weeks.

  • Introducing Global Mining Guidelines Group: We’ve dropped the “S”!

    We are excited to announce our name has evolved! Introducing the new Global Mining Guidelines Group – or as our friends know us, GMG – it’s direct, clear, and an easy 3 letters to remember! Bye-bye “S” After 6 years of a misleading name, Global…

  • Roadmap to Interoperability

    How can the mining industry meet the challenges of interoperability? GMSG is building a path forward.