Open Mining Format (OMF 1.0.1)

Published: March 01,2019

Project description

Version: 1.0.1

API library for Open Mining Format, a new standard for mining data backed by the Global Mining Guidelines Group.


Pre-Release Notice

This is a Beta release of the Open Mining Format (OMF) and the associated Python API. The storage format and libraries might be changed in backward-incompatible ways and are not subject to any SLA or deprecation policy.

An open-source serialization format and API library to support data interchange across the entire mining community.

This library provides an abstracted object-based interface to the underlying OMF serialization format, which enables rapid development of the interface while allowing for future changes under the hood.

The goal of Open Mining Format is to standardize data formats across the mining community and promote collaboration

The goal of the API library is to provide a well-documented, object-based interface for serializing OMF files

OMF is intended to supplement the many alternative closed-source file formats used in the mining community.

This library makes use of the properties open-source project, which is designed and publicly supported by Seequent.

To install the repository, ensure that you have pip installed and run: pip install omf

Or from GitHub: git clone
cd omf
pip install -e .

3D Visualization
To easily visualize OMF project files and data objects in a pure Python environment, check out omfvtk (OMF-VTK) which provides tools for creating interactive renderings of OMF datasets using vtki (the vtkInterface).

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