Open Mining Format (OMF): Review


The Open Mining Format (OMF) is an open-source file specification format to support data interchange across software systems for geological and tropological data used across several business functions of mining operations. The first version of OMF, released in 2017, supports basic structures including points, lines, surfaces, meshes, and volumes. The second version (2.0) supports block models.

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is holding a workshop for a final review to ensure the functionality of Open Mining Format (OMF) v2 and to identify any changes or additions required so that it can be released. Learn more about the project here.

Why Participate

OMF is a valuable tool to support 3D data interoperability, and your input will ensure that OMF 2.0 is ready for its users.

As the informed voices of the mining and metals industry, we need your input to provide direction to the GMG Working Groups to make sure our project plans reflect your needs. Please spread the word about these events around your company.

What to Expect

GMG Review workshops typically involve reviewing the files associated with a nearly finished project to identify if any further work is required before it is completed. This is a technical review of OMF and should be done by those with experience in this area. OMF documentation and development files are available on GitHub here. Further detail will be provided to those who register.


August 25, 2022 | 4-6 pm PDT / 7-9 pm EDT / 7-9 am AWST+1 / 9-11 am AEST+1

Register here