Open Mining Format Version 2.0: Experts Needed for Review

Open Mining Format (OMF) Version 2.0 which focuses on block model data sets, is near publication and we need subject matter experts to participate in a final review.

Some fast facts about OMF:

  • OMF is an open-sourced file specification format that aims to get rid of costly errors in the mining industry due to improper data transmission.
  • We’re paving the way for seamless data transfer among different mine software and eliminating the chance of costly data related errors – before they happen.

OMF 2.0 is available within our online repository on GitHub. These data sets hold crucial orebody information, identified as a significant data point by mining operators.

Your role: Review and comment on the following links by December 7, 2023:

Although we’re confident in the integrity of our source code, your insights are important to confirm that the information is of the highest quality and performance. Reach out to us at if you have any questions on this process.