Partner News: New Surface Mining Equipment Owners Group (SMEOG) Launched 

Published: December 12,2019

The Surface Mining Equipment Owners Group launched at the GMG-CIM Edmonton forum in October. This group aims to continue the collaboration of the Surface Mining Association for Research and Technology (SMART), a group dedicated to maximizing the value of assets through increased safety, equipment performance and productivity, which was adjourned in 2018. The following groups have joined SMEOG:

  • The SMART Large Tire User Group (LTUG): This group, established in 1996, gave the industry the utility of amassing data from many operations towards identifying key design improvements that were necessary. In addition, when tires were in short supply, the industry shared best practices for increasing operating life and maintenance.
  • The Truck Shovel User Group: This group was formed in 2004 to share operating experience and develop best practices for safety, maintenance and operation of their fleets

Their first meeting will be held in early 2020 in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, and the organizers are seeking input on key topics. For more information or to offer your input, please contact us, and we will connect you with the organizers.

The CIM Surface Mining Society will provide support and engagement with members of the CIM Surface Mining Society.

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