Preview of the GMG Time Usage Model

Published: July 31,2019

The Time Usage Model below is a graphical representation of how productive and non-productive activities, statuses, and events occurring in a mining operation are classified.

This model is a key part of a guideline that is in its final stages of editing and will be available to review soon. A Standardized Time Classification Framework for Surface Mining: Operational Definitions, Time Usage Model, and Key Performance Indicators provides a time classification framework to enable meaningful performance management analysis and industry-wide benchmarking.

The core content of the guideline includes:

  • Recommendations for the consistent classification of common surface mining operational activities, statuses, and events into standard time categories.
  • A Time Usage Model, which is a visual representation of the recommended classification framework identified above.
  • Proposed definitions for common industry operational KPIs for reporting mining asset availability and utilization.

This guideline is the output of the GMG Operational Definitions and KPIs Project

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