Project Steering Committees

The Project Steering Committee provides strategic oversight, leadership, and guidance for GMG projects. Tasked with overseeing the project plan, this group ensures that outputs are high quality and relevant, monitors the project pipeline and delivery, and drives the general governance of the project.[1]



Oversee the Project Plan

  • Provide direction throughout the project lifecycle
  • Oversee the project plan and adjust as needed throughout the process
  • Guide the post-publication plan developed by GMG staff

Ensure Stakeholder Representation

  • Review and revise the stakeholder matrix for participation of subject matter experts, balanced stakeholder composition, and sufficient geographical representation
  • Assist GMG staff with recruiting volunteers as needed

Ensure High Quality and Relevant Outputs

  • Review, revise, and approve project deliverables (e.g., framework, guideline, case studies)
  • Assess peer review comments
  • Identify additional project requirements (e.g., research)

Monitor Project Pipeline and Delivery

  • Review progress reports
  • Advise on resolving issues in the project
  • Guide GMG staff in facilitating workshops and calls related to the project as needed
  • Identify priorities and “parking lot” items for future work

Drive Overall Project Governance

Note: While the Project Steering Committee provides leadership and direction for the project, it is an advisory and oversight position and members are not expected to produce the documentation from scratch or track activity. GMG staff will provide support such as coordinating activities, drafting documentation, tracking project activity, producing reports, communicating updates, and editing drafts.



Who Can Be Involved

  • Up to 12 representatives approved by the Working Group Steering Committee
  • Must be from a member company, but sits on the committee as a subject matter expert with a strong interest in the output
  • Balanced based on a preliminary stakeholder matrix

Why Participate

  • Be part of the decision-making process
  • Share your expertise and knowledge
  • Learn about what is being done relating to the topic throughout the industry
  • Network with other industry professionals
  • Receive recognition and visibility in project activities and output

Time Commitment

  • Varies depending on group and needs of the project and throughout the project lifecycle
  • Each committee will define the meeting frequency that works best
  • Range from meeting every 2-3 weeks (early stages) to every 1-2 months (later stages)
  • Event and other project activity time commitments can be divided among committee members

Project Steering Committees are chaired by project leaders. They are tasked with moving projects forward, motivating volunteers, and reporting to and sitting on the Working Group Steering Committee.



Interested in nominating yourself or someone else? Contact us at  and provide information about your background.




Project Steering Committee is not yet formed, but those interested in joining are encouraged to participate in the development of the proposal or any pre-launch activities.


Project Steering Committee is established and collaborates to set the project on the appropriate path.


  •  Establish project plan with the support of GMG staff (e.g., confirm problem statement, timeline, KPIs, risks)
  • Confirm and formalize the stakeholder matrix based on what was developed in the pre-launch stage and with the support of GMG staff; this will be assessed throughout the lifecycle
  • Guide GMG staff in facilitating launch calls or workshops to introduce the project and project plan

Guideline Definition

The Project Steering Committee is in an advisory and support role as project volunteers collaborate to define the initial guideline framework (table of contents, key topics to cover, and participation requirements).


  • Guide GMG staff in facilitating workshops and calls to develop the guideline framework as needed
  • Assess, revise, and approve guideline framework developed in this stage based on the project plan

Content Generation

This stage is typically the longest and involves the most diverse volunteer interaction. Work to develop and revise the content is completed by project volunteers, and the Project Steering Committee provides guidance and verifications throughout the process. The content generation phase is completed when a complete rough draft is signed off by the Project Steering Committee.


  • Provide clarity on needs and priorities (e.g., high priority sections) and confirm the content generation approaches
  • Review early drafts or content that comes in when needed (e.g., if its relevance needs to be confirmed)
  • Monitor the stakeholder matrix based on regular reports from GMG staff (while this is done at all stages, it is critical in content generation)
  • Meet every month or two and engage in virtual collaboration to verify progress and adjust approaches and prioritize work (frequency depending on the quantity of ongoing work)
  • Provide guidance if there are issues or challenges that emerge in development (e.g., scope creep, lack of representation, disengaged volunteers)
  • Guide GMG staff with planning and facilitating workshops and calls
  • Take on a role as a “section champion” or similar leadership role in the guideline development process if required as part of the chosen content generation approach
  • Review and approve the rough draft for completeness, confirm any “parking lot” items that should be saved for future projects or versions

Technical Editing, Layout, and Final Review

The Project Steering Committee provides subject matter expertise as needed in the editing and layout process, and then approves revisions and next steps based on the final Working Group peer review.


  • Assist with answering editorial questions as needed (responsibilities distributed among the group)
  • Approve edited document for the Working Group Review
  • Assess review comments and, as a group, confirm what content revisions and follow ups are required
  • Confirm if there is a need for further review (e.g., insufficient stakeholder balance, major changes required)
  • Confirm applied revisions and summary of changes and approve the final draft to be sent to vote (pending Working Group Steering Committee approval)

Vote and Publication

The guideline is in approvals with GMG Members in the Working Group and the GMG Executive Council. No specific Project Steering Committee responsibilities unless these approvals processes identify a need for further work.

Post Publication

The Project Steering Committee guides the post-publication plan for GMG to carry out. This planning typically begins before publication.


  • Based on drafts developed by GMG, offer guidance on key elements of the plan (e.g., KPIs, audiences to monitor, events or webinars, media)
  • Identify priorities for post-publication activities

[1] See the Governance Manual, Section 6 for further information on Project Governance.