The aim of this project is to help the industry understand the topic of transitioning to electric fleets, and to help address the challenges associated with energy management, all from an asset management perspective.

This project will be led by the Asset Management Working Group.


With electrification, one of the biggest challenges is being able to operate the same way but using less energy than traditional methods. If there is insufficient maintenance on a machine, it can cause additional energy requirements impacting electrification from an asset management perspective.

Electrification infrastructure is an important part of asset management because of the considerations around determining what infrastructure is needed when switching to an electric fleet. Charging stations, how batteries are removed from a battery electric vehicle (BEV), where the batteries are stored or disposed of, etc., are all crucial to electrification and asset management. This includes understanding the lifecycle of a BEV with an asset management perspective.


The objective of this project is to publish a collaborative white paper to explain the common considerations, key topics, and approaches around asset management for electrification.

The white paper will also consider looking at required equipment and technologies in the mine to reduce energy consumption and help mitigate scope 3 challenges.

Key Topics and Considerations

Potential topics this white paper could cover include:

  • Equipment lifecycle management from an asset management perspective and all components of the mine
  • Operating procedures and the infrastructure required when transitioning to a battery electric fleet
  • Charging stations and how batteries are managed, stored, and disposed
  • Skills and training needed for new technologies, safety/fire hazards, standards and regulations
  • The expectations for mining to allow maintenance people to work safely and easily with electric equipment
  • How maintenance and asset management go hand-in-hand with energy efficiency
  • Understanding maintenance strategies from a safety and performance perspective


We’re looking for:
  • Participants to contribute expertise and knowledge as subject matter experts
  • Members to join the steering committee to lead the project
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