The project will develop several case studies of skills migration and upskilling from organizations that have implemented autonomous systems that mining companies can use to help make their existing and new autonomous mining implementations successful.

Autonomous Mining is transforming the entire industry to drive more efficiency and productivity; however, it brings up challenges around technology, processes and people. From a people perspective, there’s a lot of misconceptions about what autonomous mining is among the workforce as they believe it translates into job loss. From an operational and management standpoint, it needs to be defined which skills will be needed for skill migrations and upskilling.


  • Project team is defining the structure for the case study to capture learning 
  • Seeking mining companies experienced with implementation of autonomous equipment to join the project


2020 Jun | Project Launch

Th workshop focused on defining the key challenges that affect skills migration, examples of effective migrations, and the importance of case studies and what should be included so they are valuable to the industry. Looking to the future, case studies will help companies to successfully create a workforce that will enable autonomous mining. Click here to view.

2020 Apr | Project Proposal Submission 

Project proposal has been submitted to Working Group Steering Committee and is ready to be officially launched. To become part of this effort, contact any GMG staff.

2020 March | The Future of Workplace

Participants during GMG’s interactive online event “The Future of Workplace” on March 24, 2020, looked into different scenarios of the future of workforce in mining. Let us know about changes you are forseeing in your work environment, business processes and technology transformation.