Skills migration is a key challenge that companies face when implementing autonomous systems. This project aims to develop case studies by leveraging the experience, successes and lessons learned by the organizations who have faced this challenge.

To achieve the desired operating efficiency and productivity benefits of an autonomous operation, it is imperative that the autonomous system be maintained fully operational 24/7. To do this requires resources with different skillsets from what is required from the typical mining equipment operator.

Therefore, it is more of a skills migration or upskilling opportunity rather than a straightforward head count reduction. How do we change this job-loss perception? How do we accelerate the change in conversation from it being perceived as a threat to what is really an opportunity.

One opportunity is to develop several case studies from organizations that have implemented autonomous systems that can then be used or referenced in marketing campaigns by existing and new autonomous mining implementations.


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  • Skills migration and upskilling
  • Future of the workforce
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March 2020 | Participants during GMG’s interactive online event on “The Future of Workplace” on March 24, 2020, looked into different scenarios of the future of workforce in mining. Let us know about changes you are forseeing in your work environment, business processes and technology transformation.

Project proposal has been submitted to Working Group Steering Committee and is ready to be officially launched. To become part of this effort, contact any GMG staff