Autonomous System Safety

Delivering valuable context and education on system safety, its history in other industries, and the benefits it can provide in delivering safe systems balanced with a system that can be operated effectively. 


System safety is the application of engineering and management principles, criteria and techniques to optimize safety within the constraints of operational effectiveness, time, and cost throughout all phases of the system lifecycle. Functional safety is part of this framework.

This is a sub-project under the Functional Safety for Autonomous Equipment project that covers overall system safety. This project is a white paper that will apply to:

  • Automation in underground and surface mining contexts
  • All autonomous mining systems
  • The integration autonomous and semi-autonomous systems
  • Complex integrated systems of systems

Business Case:

Focusing on system safety will inprove the delivery of autonomous mining systems because:

  • To ensure functional safety, autonomous systems need to perform their functions correctly.
  • A technological system and its design within the operating environment can influence human performance.
  • Delivering and benefiting from complicated and complex systems requires addressing the behaviour of their interactions.
  • Cybersecurity risks affect all aspects of autonomous system safety.
  • A full picture of system safety is needed to achieve a balance of operations, reliability and other associated disciplines

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Project Updates

Conference call on October 17

8:00PM EST


A launch workshop was held in Brisbane, Australia in September, so the objective of this call is to introduce the broader community to the project. To request an invite or for more information, please contact Donald Roberge,