Applying a system safety approach and the benefits it can provide in delivering safe and effective autonomous systems in mining.

System safety uses a system-based approach and applies engineering and management principles, mechanisms and techniques to optimize safety. As an extension of the Functional Safety for Autonomous Systems project, this white paper aims to provide valuable context and education about system safety to enable safety and operational effectiveness throughout all phases of the system lifecycle. 

The objective of the white paper is to give the industry the confidence to apply a system safety approach to delivering automation in mining. This approach will, in turn, will help to make sure that the right systems are built in order to support the ongoing evolution of safe autonomous technologies.


  • Safety case, evidence and risk management
  • Lifecycle and system safety with OEMs and integration
  • Human factors and competence
  • Software, integration and verification
  • Launched

  • Content Development

  • Editing

  • Review

  • Published


2019 Sept | Launch workshop held in Brisbane, Australia

A workshop was held in Brisbane, Australia to strategize and define the roadmap towards the elaboration of the white paper, and periodic working calls are being scheduled among those involved. If you’re professional with experience in system safety and would like to become an active contributor, please reach out to any GMG staff