The project aims to update the previous version of the guideline leveraging lessons learned, particularly related to safety and maintenance, and accommodating technology advancements. It will also add information to provide valuable guidance to the surface mining community.

There is a continued urgency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and growing industry interest in adopting battery-electric technologies for underground and surface mining. Since the last edition, there’s been many advancements in battery chemistries on the market, changing ventilation requirements, varied charging methods, etc. that need to be documented in the guideline. Additionally, it will include a section for surface mining, best practices and lessons learned.

The first two editions of this guideline, developed in partnership with Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC), outline recommended practices for the use of BEVs in an underground mining environment.


2020 Oct | Volunteers are focusing in content development

After the project calls, sections were distributed among volunteers which will be working in advancing in the document during October. Currently, GMG is seeking for experts on fire mine rescue (firefighting requirements for protection and suppression) and chargers. 

2020 Sept | Project calls and guideline development

Ten project calls were held during September, in which volunteers were hands on the guideline, constantly contributing content and sharing resources. Key topics include business case and costs considerations, battery equipment/storage/transportation, maintenance areas, and more.

2020 Aug | Enrollment to subgroups

GMG divided the project into five subgroups, and reached out to those with an interest in participating to enroll to the subgroup(s) of their expertise.

2020 Jul | Project presentation at The Electric Mine Working Group virtual meeting

Project leader presented the latest updates about the project and share the outcomes from the workshops. Key topics for Underground Mining (UG) were fire risk, fire suppression and mine rescue; more information and guidance on different battery chemistries; new content on automation, integration, and mixed fleets; and expanded maintenance information. As Surface Mining is different from UG, it included building a business case, environmental considerations for outdoor conditions, vehicle size and vehicle type. To access the material, please click here.

2020 Jun | Project Steering Committee Meeting

The project leaders met to revise and analyze the outcomes from all workshops, and defined the first draft of the guideline.

2020 May | Surface Mining Workshop #2

The second workshop for Surface had a same dynamic as the first workshop to ensure participation across the globe. Key topics around travel range, technical energy usage comparisons between underground and surface (KW), scalability, and other. Click here to read the outcomes.

2020 May | Surface Mining Workshop #1

The first workshop for Surface Mining identified key topics that need to be considered for the surface mining section/white paper. It included justifying BEVs on surface, mine design and planning considerations, energy storage systems, performance, among other. Click here to access the outcomes.


Nov 2018 | Recommended Best Practices for Battery Electric Vehicles in Underground Mining 2nd Edition

The guideline outlines the recommended practice for use of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in the underground mining environment. It is structured as a specification and can be included by mining companies in tender documents to mining vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It can serve as a blueprint / path forward for OEM research and development efforts.