Common Language for Mining Technology


This project will determine and provide a common taxonomy (categorization, generic framework) and definitions for mining production capabilities (operating functions, processes) and application and control systems that support the production capabilities, primarily focusing on surface mining. It is intended to be forward looking.

This categorization is intended to be a first step to establish a common understanding, which can be used to support and drive further conversations within GMG in a targeted way, identifying common system integration areas and issues, where further collaborative efforts are needed, and identifying what issues are industry-wide versus what should be left up to the individual operator and OEM relationships. Having this common language and reference that will help operators, suppliers, and other parties communicate about their needs within determined boundaries.


The purpose of this project is to agree on a common language and how things fit together, and based on that, vote on different priorities for where we need to have data sharing, open data, or interoperability.

Within GMG: Produce a framework that can help focus the conversations on data and system integration and identify where to focus efforts.

Within the Industry: Provide descriptive output(s) that operators, OEMs, and other vendors and partners to use as a common framework to support communication and manage change as things get more and more integrated. The output should be developed with an understanding that there will still be variation based on many factors, and it must not be prescriptive on how data should be presented or managed.


The expected output is clear documentation of a common taxonomy and definitions. Because this project is time-sensitive, it is proposed that it will be produced in stages with multiple checkpoints to confirm its usefulness.  Further, because it is forward-looking in its nature, it is expected that there will be a need to revise and produce different versions in steps. Between each step, the scope and process should be revisited.

Depending on the initial outputs, the project could be a series of less formal outputs (i.e., following an approval process like white papers) that are ultimately compiled into a more formal peer-reviewed guideline with a short revision cycle.


Common Language was one of the top challenges identified throughout the 2022 Mine Operator Roundtables and Working Group Workshops, particularly within the context of integrating data from multiple sources and sensors and vendors (read the report).

This discussion occurred in some form in all of the Mine Operator Roundtables and many of the workshops that were focused on other topics such as asset management, mineral processing, sustainability, and underground and surface mining, emphasizing that this is a key challenge across all aspects of mine production.


Upcoming meetings/events will be shared shortly.


We’re looking for:

  • Participants to contribute expertise and knowledge as subject matter experts
  • Members to join the steering committee to lead the project