The project will create a neutral platform to share operational data for electric surface and underground equipment. The industry can use this information to accelerate innovation and adoption.

As mining companies and OEMs test and deploy their electric equipment vehicles, information is not being widely shared nor kept centralized in one single platform.

With this project, GMG aims to align the industry on operational performance and handling requirements related to electric equipment for surface and underground.


2020 Aug | Defining KPIs and Platform to store information

Click here to access the latest draft of the KPIs that have been identified by the Project Leaders. It includes Cycle Time (BEV vs Diesel), Number of Cycles per Shift, Availability and Utilization , Charge Time vs Swap, Number of charges per shift , Maintenance time to repair, among many more! The project team will be reaching out to companies to share information and define platform to store information.

2020 Jul | Project presentation at The Electric Mine Working Group virtual meeting

Project leader presented the latest updates about the project and share the KPIs that have been developed. To access the material, please click here.

2020 Jun | Survey Results

GMG conducted an industry research to define priorities for the GMG Electric Mine Operational Knowledge Sharing Platform project. To access the summary, please click here.

2020 May | Virtual Workshop

The second workshop had a same dynamic as the first workshop to ensure participation across the globe. All input was analyzed and condensed with the first workshop into a single document. To access the information, click here.

2020 May | Project launch

Participants were gathered to brainstorm the KPIs that would be included in the platform. Some considerations are around information about the daily cycle and time usage in comparison to diesel, identifying what information should available in real time, information or metrics for comparing charging strategies, information for assessing and updating charging infrastructure, information on heat generation, and training information for operators, safety personnel and maintenance technicians.