Foundations for AI in Mining Project

The AI Working Group has recently launched its first project. The Foundations for AI in Mining project will provide a unified understanding of the basics of AI in mining that cuts through the hype, clarifies what methods are useful and identifies how they can be applied.


Articulate a clear and unified understanding and framework of what artificial intelligence (AI) is and how it can benefit the mining industry.


The output will be a document to assist mining companies with successfully implementing AI techniques within their business. This includes:

  • Discussion of the terminology surrounding AI
  • The high-level steps needed to introduce AI into an organization
  • A maturity model to enable companies to plan their AI strategy
  • Common case studies and use cases that highlight the variety of processes that can be transformed using AI enabled technologies

Business Case

AI has quickly become recognized as an opportunity to harness new technology for operational efficiency, but there is still general confusion about what it is, and there are many questions about its applications in mining.

Media announcements about new uses of AI often create hype around spectacular features but rarely describe the basics. Resources covering these basics are therefore needed to cut through the hype and clarify what methods are useful, and for what circumstances they can be applied.


If you would like to participate in this project, please contact Program Manager, David Sanguinetti

Project Updates

Three productive workshops

Adelaide (March 22), Luleå (March 25) and Johannesburg (April 2)

Participants in all three workshops worked on developing a library of use cases. Four were developed in Adelaide, four in Luleå and seven in Johannesburg. Volunteers also came forward to continue working on them. Future collaboration opportunities were also discussed in Adelaide and Luleå. Project group members can find the output in the project site on Basecamp.

Use Case Survey

Have your say on what AI use cases are most important


A key component of this project is to collect use cases and examples to illustrate key concepts, demonstrate what is possible and inspire the industry. We have developed a brief survey to help determine what would be most relevant and useful to include in the project. Read more...