Functional Safety


Develop a guideline that clearly defines functional safety for automated mobile mining equipment and identifies relevant standards for managing it.


The guideline aims to provide a unified industry understanding of the functional safety requirements for mobile autonomous equipment. This understanding involves not only clearly defining what functional safety is, but also identifying who is responsible for it, creating a collective view of minimum requirements, and presenting general guidance on testing and verifying it.

To accomplish its aims, the guideline will:

  • Develop a process to follow for functional safety management
  • Document existing relevant standards and consider their constraints
  • Present use cases
  • Share lessons learned

Business Case

The mining industry is embracing automation, but mobile automation technologies are still in the early stages of technology development. As a result, there lacks clear guidance and industry alignment on requirements for managing functional safety because:

  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are at varying stages of maturity
  • Existing standards are not explicitly developed for automating mining equipment
  • Regulatory authorities do not provide specific guidance on the requirements

Overall, there is general confusion over which standards to follow, and this guideline will offer much-needed clarity and direction.

Download the project poster here.