This project, launched by the Mineral Processing Working Group in April 2021, aims to develop a suite of guidelines that will provide industry guidance for how geometallurgy can be used to add value for greenfield or brownfield project development and within an operating site. Contact us here to get involved.

About The Project

Problem Statement

This project aims to address the general confusion within geology, mining, and metallurgical functions of how geometallurgy can be used to add value. This involves a lack of understanding of different phases of the geometallurgy project life cycle, lack of clear guidelines for setting up a geometallurgy program to predict a reasonable project outcome as well as guidance regarding metallurgical sampling protocols, lack of definition of team make up for successful geometallurgy project, and lack of understanding about the roles the disciplines play in setting up a geometallurgy strategy for a project.

Project Purposes

  • Provide roadmap and maturity framework in a way that is accessible to multiple stakeholders.
  • Provide a geometallurgy flowsheet and guidance for a roadmap to responsibly maximize the value of a mineral resource.
  • Offer guidance for geological, mining, and metallurgical data usage and methodologies for geometallurgical modelling.
  • Provide a listing of typical ore characterization tests (grade, comminution, recovery, environmental, materials handling, geotechnical, solids storage, etc) to relate geological, mining and metallurgical performance.
  • Provide guidance on team make-up, roles, project definition and value statement for a holistic geometallurgy program.
  • Describe techniques to develop orebody models by relating a low volume of metallurgical test results with a high volume of geological characterization results.

Objectives for Project Collaboration

  • Facilitate a team of geologists, mining engineers, metallurgists, and other related disciplines to come together to collaborate on developing the guidelines.
  • Collect and reference existing geometallurgy best practices (use case and case study examples, as well as references to existing resources).
  • Encourage and demonstrate a multi-discipline, holistic approach, rather than approaching geometallurgy as a separate discipline.

Proposed Deliverable

A series of guidelines:

Part One: High level document that outlines the progressions of the five stages in a geometallurgy project lifecycle, including a flowsheet that shows how the stages are linked.
Part Two: Operational geometallurgy for sites that have not been developed using a formal geometallurgical focussed approach. Intent would be to guide site metallurgists to source and consider data from mining and geology.
Part Three: Guideline to cover the four study phases from exploration through definitive study.
Part Four: Guideline for operational geometallurgy for sites that have been through the prior 4 steps.

Project News

April 2021:

Project is launched by the Mineral Processing Working Group steering committee.