The project aims to provide a common resource or playbook for mining companies reflecting the rapidly changing landscape around autonomous technologies.

The first edition of the GMG guideline on autonomous mining, published in 2019, aimed to communicate and educate using industry practices and common terms of reference.

As autonomous systems advance rapidly the second edition of the guideline will include updates and new content based on how technologies have changed. 

While standards and other guidance documents exist that cover various aspects of autonomous systems, there is a need for an up-to-date, broad resource that identifies the key considerations and common practices at all stages and for all stakeholders in the implementation process.

Using this tool, mining companies at various stages on the implementation journey can understand their maturity level, define their path forward, identify where to seek additional guidance and information and build confidence in the technology. 


Guideline Development

Operational Readiness & Deployment register
March 9 | 8am-10:30am (EST) | 1pm-3:30pm (UTC) | 4pm-6:30pm (MSK)

Change Management and Business Case register
March 17 @ 8am-10:30 am (EDT) | 12pm-2:30pm (UTC) | 3pm-5:30pm (MSK)
March 18 @ 4pm-6:30pm (PDT) | 7pm-9:30 pm (EDT) | 7am-9:30am (AWST+1)

Health and Safety, Regulations, and Workforce, Community and Social Impact register
April 7 @ 8am-10:30 am (EDT) | 12pm-2:30 pm (UTC) | 3pm-5:30pm (MSK)
April 8 @ 4pm-6:30 pm (PDT) | 7pm-9:30 pm (EDT) | 7am-9:30am (AWST+1)

Underground Considerations register
April 26 @ 8am-10:30 am (EDT) | 12pm-2:30 pm (UTC) | 3pm-5:30pm (MSK)
April 28 @ 4pm-6:30 pm (PDT) | 7pm-9:30 pm (EDT) | 7am-9:30am (AWST+1)


  • Provide a common resource or playbook for mining companies to implement autonomous systems through the lens of where technology is today and with the expectation that it will evolve rapidly in the future
  • Identify the benefits and risks of autonomous mining enabling informed decision making
  • Assist with communications between key stakeholders
  • Specific guidance on implementation of autonomous systems in underground mining
  • More detailed guidance on mine design
  • Additional case studies from inside and outside of mining


2021 Apr | Virtual Workshops

Subject-matter experts had the opportunity to review, revise, and add content to the guideline draft at workshops held through March and April. Six sections were reviewed:

  • 3 Change Management
  • 4 Business Case
  • 5 Health and Safety
  • 6 Regulations
  • 7 Workforce, Community, and Social Impact

Contributions from the workshops are currently being embedded into the guideline. Those with subject-matter expertise are encouraged to review it and contribute. To participate, please contact GMG.

2020 Sept | Enrollment to Subgroups

GMG divided the project into four subgroups, and reached out to those with an interest in participating to enroll to the subgroup(s) of their expertise.

2020 Jul | Project was presented to the Autonomous Mining Working Group

During the last virtual meeting, the project was presented to share the most relevant information gathered from the workshops. Next steps include development of the project steering committee, and seeking volunteers to review and update section and create content on new topics. To participate, please contact GMG.

2020 Jun | Virtual Workshop

Workshop participants provided insight about new topics that needed to get included in the guideline, such as V2X technology, virtual reality interfaces, implementation approaches in a visual roadmap and explained, change management around software development process, local sourcing, decision risk, among other. To access the outcomes, please click here.

2020 May | Virtual Workshop 

The second workshop had a same dynamic as the first workshop to ensure participation across the globe. Key topics around zero-entry mining, defining the new workforce, ESG principles, system safety, wider variety of autonomous equipment, and more. The new proposed items from the second workshop have been highlighted on blue, click here to read more.

2020 Apr | Project Launch

Participants gathered to review each section of the previous guideline and discussed which topics needed to be expanded, added, updated or removed. Key topics around importance of a User Requirements Study, addressing risk aversion, remote monitoring and control, alternative communications network solutions, merging multiple applications with autonomous haulage systems, among other. To take a look at the comparative table of the proposed and previous guideline, please click here.


This translation of the Guideline for the Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining– a joint effort between GMG and autonomous solutions provider RCT – is a great step towards expanding its reach to regions and sites where English is not the first language. 

2019 Apr | Guideline for the Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining
The guideline provides a high-level framework for mining stakeholders to follow when establishing autonomous mining projects ranging from single autonomous vehicles and hybrid fleets to highly autonomous fleets.