The project aims to provide a common resource or playbook for mining companies reflecting the rapidly changing landscape around autonomous technologies.

This project is led by the Autonomous Mining Working Group.

The first edition of the GMG guideline on autonomous mining, published in 2019, aimed to communicate and educate using industry practices and common terms of reference.

As autonomous systems advance rapidly the second edition of the guideline will include updates and new content based on how technologies have changed. 

While standards and other guidance documents exist that cover various aspects of autonomous systems, there is a need for an up-to-date, broad resource that identifies the key considerations and common practices at all stages and for all stakeholders in the implementation process.

Using this tool, mining companies at various stages on the implementation journey can understand their maturity level, define their path forward, identify where to seek additional guidance and information and build confidence in the technology. 


  • Provide a common resource or playbook for mining companies to implement autonomous systems through the lens of where technology is today and with the expectation that it will evolve rapidly in the future
  • Identify the benefits and risks of autonomous mining enabling informed decision making
  • Assist with communications between key stakeholders
  • Specific guidance on implementation of autonomous systems in underground mining
  • More detailed guidance on mine design
  • Additional case studies from inside and outside of mining