Previously the “Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap guideline,” this white paper provides high-level foundation and reference on interoperability in mining based on input that GMG has received from the industry over five years.

This white paper describes a high-level foundation and reference on interoperability in mining based on input that GMG has received from the industry over five years. It aims to provide broad context on interoperability in order to accommodate a global landscape with varied maturity and regulatory frameworks.

Mining equipment and systems interoperability is a high priority for the international mining community. Interoperability can improve communication, enhance operational excellence, and improve the development and deployment of integrated mining systems. There is a need for common definitions, standards, language, decision-making criteria, and data exchange capabilities. An open and collaborative environment that builds a consensus on achieving interoperability is essential.

By sharing industry input on the drivers and context around interoperability in mining, stressing the value of a collaborative approach, identifying an aligned industry definition, and set of guiding principles, this white paper is intended to be a foundation and reference for more focused initiatives.


2020 Dec | Decision to Publish Draft as a White Paper

A finalization committee with participants from all stages of the process met and decided that this document should be formatted as an informative white paper, rather than a guideline, as a capture of capture industry input. The roadmap was kept as a reference for future work. This decision was made because priorities are shifting within the community towards focused efforts on mobile mining technology integration and participants felt the content of the document was better suited to this format.

2020 Sept | Guideline under Interoperability Leadership Council approval

The GMG Interoperability Leadership Council are leaders and experts from the industry that are currently reviewing and approving the guideline. Once it’s approved and, if needed, feedback is incorporated, it can move into the Working Group review and vote. 

2020 Aug | GMG is coordinating a Project Steering Committee

GMG is forming a project steering committee that will review the guideline’s suggestions, lead the decision-making on which to consider and provide guidance on the content

2020 Jul | GMG met with MM-ISAC to review section

GMG and project leaders partnered with MM-ISAC to review and provide feedback on the “Cybersecurity Principles” section in the guideline. Currently, the GMG Technical Editor is incorporating the comments and feedback.

2020 Feb | Draft guideline undergoing in-depth review

Following a process of restructuring and refining, we are currently conducting in-depth reviews and working hand in hand with key stakeholders to review the draft guideline. Following this phase, the guideline will go to the working group for further review.