This guideline, now in review, defines interoperability, describes guiding principles for it and presents a high-level roadmap to enable greater coordinated efforts and industry-wide alignment. 

The guideline synthesizes the input received from over 120 participating companies that represented a healthy cross-section of the international industry so as to provide a common understanding of interoperability and its principles, a shared vision for the future, and a high-level development roadmap.

Mining equipment and systems interoperability is a high priority for the international mining community.  Interoperability between systems is a requirement for maximizing the capabilities and benefits of mining automation, digitalization, operational integration, and data analytics initiatives.

The problem is that interoperability is a broad and complex subject that affects all areas of operation. Addressing interoperability requires not only a systems thinking approach but also an environment wherein mining companies, OEMs, OTMs, and other key stakeholders work together. 


2020 Aug | GMG is coordinating a Project Steering Committee

GMG is forming a project steering committee that will review the guideline’s suggestions, lead the decision-making on which to consider and provide guidance on the content


2020 Jul | GMG met with MM-ISAC to review section

GMG and project leaders partnered with MM-ISAC to review and provide feedback on the “Cybersecurity Principles” section in the guideline. Currently, the GMG Technical Editor is incorporating the comments and feedback.

2020 Feb | Draft guideline undergoing in-depth review

Following a process of restructuring and refining, we are currently conducting in-depth reviews and working hand in hand with key stakeholders to review the draft guideline. Following this phase, the guideline will go to the working group for further review.