This project will produce a clear landscape of interoperability initiatives, how they fit together and where there are gaps in order to increase the industry’s understanding of them and confidence in them.

There is a great need for clarity, alignment and education for interoperability, and there are many other organizations driving efforts.

Therefore, the Interoperability Landscape will identify which other organizations are driving interoperability projects, so it can enable collaboration among organizations and accelerate the progress of those ongoing efforts.

Information will be gathered through a research survey, and then structured into a landscape. 


2020 Aug | Draft guideline undergoing in-depth review

GMG has identified a wide range of organizations that are driving interoperability related efforts, and hired a contractor to conduct interviews and collect information for the landscape.  Once finished, a draft document will be completed for revision.


2020 Feb | Draft guideline undergoing in-depth review

Following a process of restructuring and refining, we are currently conducting in-depth reviews and working hand in hand with key stakeholders to review the draft guideline. Following this phase, the guideline will go to the working group for further review.

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