This landscape aims to increase the industry’s visibility of what different organizations are doing on interoperability in order to enable collaboration among organizations and accelerate the progress of ongoing efforts.

There is a great need for clarity, alignment and education for interoperability, and there are many other organizations driving efforts.

Therefore, the Interoperability Landscape will identify which other organizations are driving interoperability projects, so it can enable collaboration among organizations and accelerate the progress of those ongoing efforts.

Information will be gathered through a research survey, and then structured into a landscape. 


2020 Oct | Interoperability Landscape is under review by GMG Interoperability Organizations Network steering committee & Interoperability Leadership board 

The landscape has been developed into a report and dynamic tool, which is currently being approved by two GMG interoperability stakeholders. Once approved, it will go out for publication.

2020 Sept | Outreach to organizations

GMG began the outreach process to gather information about the different initiatives ongoing throughout the globe. If your organization is involved in interoperability projects and hasn’t been reached out by GMG, please fill out the below form.

2020 Aug | Interoperability initiatives research done

GMG has identified a wide range of organizations that are driving interoperability related efforts, and hired a contractor to conduct interviews and collect information for the landscape.  Once finished, a draft document will be completed for revision.