Location tracking has many applications, but solutions aren’t always designed for underground mining and there’s a challenge due to the lack of GPS in the underground environment.

By providing unbiased, non-vendor-specific use cases and solutions for location tracking technology, this project aims to guide mining companies as to which solution will be the most efficient, useful, and cost effective for their operation.


2021 Mar | Steering Committee meeting

The project steering committee met to review the collected use cases and the current draft of the solutions section. A new document will be ready shortly for reviewal with the updated content.

2020 Oct | Project meeting

The focus of this meeting was to determine the best way to share information on location tracking. It was decided that a use case approach would be the most effective and volunteers would submit them with a template created by GMG. A solutions section would support the materials collected.

2020 Jul | Draft under development by GMG Technical Editor

GMG gathered all the feedback and developed an initial draft of the guideline and it’s table of content, and a draft for the use case template. If you are a mining company or provide solutions for location tracking, please contact any GMG staff to get involved.

2020 Jun | Virtual workshop #3

The third workshop expanded on topics and areas that were identified previously during the first and second workshop. Outcomes from the workshop were incorporated directly to the initial draft of the guideline and use case template. To access the outcomes, please contact GMG and become part of the Project Team.

2020 May | Virtual workshop #2

The second workshop had a same dynamic as the first workshop to ensure participation across the globe. Participants provided areas and topics to include in the project, such as guidance for tracking interoperability, awareness about location tracking, business value cost, concepts and fundamentals, considerations when selecting a system, among many others. Finally, the team developed preliminary use cases during the workshop for autonomous proximity, underground emergency response, support for fleet management systems and resource tracking and reconciliation. Click here to access outcomes.

2020 Apr | Virtual workshop #1

Participants were gathered to define the preliminary content plan of the project. The key topics that came for the project were to develop use cases and a guideline that considered a step-by-step approach that will help mining companies understand the building blocks of location tracking and how to choose the best option for their operations. Project will be focused in Underground mining only, and seeks to provide insight about technology type (radio, image-based, geomagnetic, etc.), guidance on metrics, among other.  Finally, the team developed preliminary use cases during the workshop for asset, machinery and people tracking. Click here to access outcomes.

2020 Mar | Project proposal is ready for revision

Project proposal has been submitted to Working Group Steering Committee and is almost ready to officially launch. To become part of this effort, please contact any GMG staff.