Original guideline represents a consensus between operators and OEMs that identifies onboard datasets that should be openly available to equipment owners in a real-time, read-only format. Version 2 being worked on due to increased digitalization and adoption of technologies in mining.

This project is to develop a consensus-based guideline between mine operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that provides a clear understanding of what open data means, industry priorities around it, acceptable uses of information and the relationships between stakeholders. The purpose is to enable mine operators to make data-driven decisions in order to prevent failures and safety incidents and to enable innovation and continuous improvement.

Mine operators are looking for advanced services to support the ongoing health, condition, and performance of equipment, and the modern mine environment is making this possible. New technologies and systems generate huge volumes of source data related to the real-time and historical performance of mining equipment. These data-related capabilities can influence decision-making around equipment investment.

The first edition of the GMG Mobile Equipment Open Data Guideline (2016) identified onboard datasets that should be available to equipment owners in real or near real-time, read only format. Since its publication, increased digitalization and adoption of technologies have made the issues surrounding open data even more complicated while also making their resolution more pressing. While a draft for a second version, which focused more on guiding principles rather than specific data points, was circulated for review in 2019, but industry stakeholders identified a need for further engagement.


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2016 Apr| Mobile Equipment Open Data Consensus Guideline

The guideline provides access to onboard data from mobile equipment, representing a consensus between operators and OEMs. It addresses industry concerns about data access and determines commonly agreed-upon data availability.