Open Data Sets for AI in Mining

A recently launched project for building open data sets to advance AI research and development.


Open and curated data sets can enhance the ability to build meaningful solutions for the industry by providing typical data relating to assets or operations for training and testing models and improving benchmarking and research by offering an alternative to proprietary data.

The project will also seek to leverage what the wider AI community has learned over time by the wider AI community and ensure that the approaches used in the mining domain are consistent with best practices.


  • A register of suitable candidate data sets
  • A set of guidelines for the collection and curation of these data sets
  • A set of repositories of gathered data

Business Case:

AI research and progress in many spheres has benefited hugely from having a set of public and curated datasets. This has allowed for developers and researchers to have suitable data to test and train their models on for a variety of applications. Even more importantly, it has provided data which can be used to benchmark various solutions and allow for effective and fair comparison, as well as allowing for research to be repeated and validated.

For more information, contact any GMG staff.