This project aims to provide best practices for data sharing based on existing initiatives for those within the mining industry so they can benefit from the opportunities of open data. The document is designed to support: 

• Anyone in a mining organization who intends to share data with others  

• Anyone in the mining industry who has to approve sharing data between entities  

• Anyone who wants to use open data shared by the mining industry

In the transition to a data-driven world, data can provide opportunities to solve problems in various areas, for example, accelerated research, increased transparency, and identification of novel solutions to problems. However, these data are not always available to those wishing to solve these problems.

The Open Data Sets for AI in Mining Guideline explores management considerations that explain the value of open data sets and provide the context required to understand the process and help the guideline user decide whether sharing open data sets is appropriate for their situation, as well as implementation considerations that explain processes for sharing open data sets once the guideline user has decided to proceed.


2021 Jun | Guideline Sent to Working Group for Review

Those who choose to conduct a review of the guideline will examine the contents to answer the below questions. From this review period, any comments will be taken into consideration and any updates to the guideline will be conducted as needed.

·         Does any of the guidance/contents within the guideline require additional clarification?

·         Are there any missing steps/information in the guideline?  

·         What was the overall experience of going through the guideline?

2021 May | Demonstrations Completed

Feedback from the demonstrations conducted throughout the months of March and April has been reviewed by the project leads and incorporated into the guideline. Following this meeting, it was agreed that the guideline could now be moved into the review period.

2021 Mar | Demonstrations

There are currently three ongoing demonstrations which will be used to gather feedback for testing the efficiency of the guideline. Two of these demonstrations are being conducted by academia members, while one is being conducted within a test mine.

2021 Feb | Project team call

Project team identified a need for demonstrations of the guideline before publication. Guideline has been relayed to various academic institutions asking them to demonstrate the efficiency of the guideline by developing open data sets based off practices within the guidelines.

2020 Jul | Project team call

Project team conducted a final revision of the draft before submitting to the GMG Technical Editor for preliminary editing.

2020 Jul | Project presentation at Artificial Intelligence Working Group virtual meeting

Project leaders presented the latest updates about the project, and conducted a mini-workshop during the call to have participants revise and comment the risk assessment. To access the material, please click here.

2020 Jun | Virtual Workshop

The participants worked directly in the document developing content, expanding on topics, providing feedback and sharing references.

2020 May | First project team call

Project leaders presented the outcomes from the workshops and shared the project plan with the volunteers. Subsequently, divided the guideline sections among the volunteers to begin content development. Click here to check out the outcomes.

2020 May | Virtual Workshop

The second workshop had a same dynamic as the first workshop to ensure participation across the globe. All input was analyzed by the Project leaders and the table of content was built. 

2020 Apr | Virtual Workshop

Workshop participates defined the key stakeholders to involve in the project, discussed the benefits of the project, divided the guideline into business and technical side and potential data sets. To access the outcomes, please click here. 

2020 Feb | Project launched at SME Annual Event

Project leader presented about Open Data and how it will enable innovation in the industry. To access the presentation, please click here