The project provides a classification framework for operational activity in surface mining that will enable meaningful performance analysis and industry-wide comparison. It covers most common surface mining activities, associated status and event descriptions, and the time categories. The guideline is under final review. 

For the mining industry to achieve digitalization, interoperability and system integration, it is important for it to establish consistent terminology and data.


  • Recommendations for the consistent classification of common surface mining operational activities, statuses, and events into standard time categories
  • A Time Usage Model, which is a visual representation of the recommended classification framework identified above
  • Proposed definitions for common industry operational key performance indicators (KPIs) for reporting mining asset availability and utilization


2020 May | Guideline circulating for Working Group vote

The review period for A Standardized Time Classification Framework for Surface Mining is now closed and the final draft is circulating among GMG members within the Data Access and Usage Working Group to vote on publication. If you did not receive the vote information by email or are unsure about your company’s membership status, please contact us

2020 Apr | Guideline is under final Working Group review 

The latest version of the guideline, with changes based on the review period in December 2019, is now circulating with the Data Access and Usage Working Group for a final checkpoint before the working group vote for publication. Contact us for further information

2019 Nov | Guideline is under Working Group review

A Standardized Time Classification Framework for Surface Mining: Operational Definitions, Time Usage Model, and Key Performance Indicators is being reviewed by Working Group members, which are providing their input and feedback.