Zero entry mining refers to mining operations in which personnel aren’t physically present in the mining area where are autonomous equipment is operator, or where limited personnel are required to enter the mine.

Improvements in safety and productivity while achieving cost efficiencies have been identified from the deployment of autonomous equipment; however, this process remains hindered by challenges. This leaves significant value on the table for mining operators and slows the achievement of a zero emissions footprint across the resources sector, which zero entry mining enables by combining autonomous technologies with next generation mine design and leveraging future fuels.

This white paper will discuss some of the benefits and opportunities, along with other considerations associated with zero entry mining and what it can enable for the industry. Additionally, it will translate the zero-entry mining vision into a tangible framework enabling further discussion and collaboration between industry partners to accelerate the development of appropriate systems, processes, and guidelines that could enable a zero-entry mining operation.

Key Topics

The scope of this white paper is still being determined; however, some of the key topics discussed included:

  • Strategy and corporate vision (the business case)
  • Stakeholders and education
  • Information management and infrastructure considerations
  • Scoping and implementation considerations
  • The future of zero entry mining


We’re looking for:
  • Participants to contribute expertise and knowledge as subject matter experts
  • Members to join the steering committee to lead the project

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