Publication: The Morrell Method to Determine the Efficiency of Industrial Grinding Circuits Guideline (Revision)

December 16, 2021

The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) has published a revision of The Morrell Method to Determine the Efficiency of Industrial Grinding Circuits, which was originally published in 2016. 

This guideline provides readers with a practical and condensed version of the Morrell method, which is well known and widely applied in the design of comminution circuits. Overall, this methodology is the comparison of measured and modeled values to determine the circuits’ efficiency to enable clear expectations, greater efficiency, and improved productivity.  

Mike Daniel, Principal and Managing Director, CMD Consulting, explains that “The GMG Morrell guideline is an excellent technical document. It has adapted a unique collaboration of the well-known and widely applied Morrell methodologies for predicting and measuring the specific energy consumption of various types of comminution circuits.”  

This guideline reviews the data required for analysis including hardness characterization data generated from the SMC Test® and the Bond Ball Mill Test Work Index, and the Morrell equations and their applications. Although the Morrell method is mostly used in comminution circuit design in greenfield projects, this guideline describes ways to use the method to assess the energy utilization efficiency of existing circuits. The intended audience is those looking for a detailed breakdown of the Morrell method and equations and the guideline can be used by both experts and junior engineers. 

“This guideline is a blueprint for a better understanding of the Morrell methodology and is therefore an invaluable decision-making tool for both young and experienced engineers in terms of greenfield circuit design and analysis of existing circuit designs,” says Daniel on the specific application of the guideline.  

On the broader industry value, Daniel adds, “The Morrell methodology has the capability to afford organizations within the mining industry improvements in mineral processing efficiencies which equate to large fortunes in cost reductions. In a lifetime career in comminution, Morrell’s methodology has had proven success.” 

The original 2016 guideline, written and published in collaboration with comminution experts, has been reviewed and updated to reflect updates to the Morrell method and related references. Other improvements such as corrections and clarifications were also made in the text to help make the guideline more useful to those new and experienced alike. Some key changes include revised worked examples and added detail on applying the method to pebble crushing circuits. 

“Among the participants in this update were some of the world’s leading subject matter experts including the originator of the method,” says Andrew Scott, GMG Vice-Chair Working Groups and National Cluster Development Manager, METS Ignited. “The participants’ attention to detail and the lively discussions among peers throughout the process speaks volumes on the value of global collaboration in developing practical and effective guidelines.”  

GMG guidelines GMG welcomes any users of the guidelines to provide feedback for future versions and to share their experiences of applying this guideline.  

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GMG has also published a revised edition of Determining the Bond Efficiency of Industrial Grinding Circuits, which is available here.

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