Building a Better Future of Mining: Strategies for Today’s Burning Issues (Nov 2019 Leadership Summit)

The 2019 GMG Leadership Summit was an interactive event aimed at developing collaboration strategies on three key topics for the mining industry:
• Interoperability (see p. 3)
• The workforce of the future (see p. 5)
• Climate change (see p. 7)

All three areas have wide-reaching implications with regards to safety, cost and social license to operate and therefore the industry is looking for ways to drive progress in 2020. Blockchain and automation – especially issues of safety and responsibility associated with automation – were identified as key industry priorities along with these three core topics.

Throughout 2019, there has been increased collaboration among industry stakeholders on interoperability, the workforce of the future and climate change in order to accelerate the rate of innovation, adaptation and
adoption. More now needs to happen on a global scale. To successfully carry out an industry-wide strategy, there needs to be alignment:
• between companies to set directions
• between industry organizations
• on priorities