GMG Event: ICMM and Mining’s Journey to Zero Fatalities

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) is an international organisation that brings together 27 mining and metals companies and over 35 national, regional and commodity associations. Our company members are committed to pursuing continual improvements in health and safety with the goal of achieving zero fatalities. To support this goal, ICMM provides a platform for its members to work collaboratively through three pillars of action: 1. Inspiring and enabling leadership – through open and safe discourse of the H&S issues faced by mining and communicating this thought leadership back to the industry, such as the recent ICMM publication ‘Preventing Fatalities: 8 lessons learned’1 and making available member company safety benchmarking data2. 2. Innovation for the future – where ICMM convenes specific collective action, for example the Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles (ICSV) initiative which aims to address vehicle safety by bringing together ICMM members and 18 of the world’s leading mining original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to accelerate the development of a new generation of mining vehicles. 3. Strengthening operational practices – through the development and publication of industry guidance on a range of topics, such as critical control management3. The use of technology is weaved throughout the work we do. It should not be treated as a ‘silver bullet’ solution – but it is certainly an important part of a broader holistic approach to H&S where the role of leadership, other broader cultural considerations, and operational integrity are also crucial.”